Experience, innovative research, and advanced technologies have led to the success of Premier Helmets.  Drawing on 60 years of continuous technological and product innovation, Premier is an international leader in high quality motorcycle helmets, with an industrial plan exclusively dedicated to the production of fibre helmets.

Renowned Italian passion is channeled into every element of the business, including the strategic dynamics of marketing, investments in resources, innovative technology and design, and obsessive eye for product safety. The development and global success of Premier lies in their maximum attention to minor details.

A Premier helmet is an essential for every motorcycle rider.  



Founded in Westminster, California, USA in 1956, the Premier brand gained instant acclaim for their innovative designs that were well constructed and stylish. Sooner after the production moved from America to Italy in 1987 where the brand continued to grow.  A brand founded on a great passion for motorcycles has led to decades of dedication to research, technological innovation and an understanding of superior product safety. 

Pushing into the field of high-performance automotive helmets, the family-owned company have now set the benchmark for high quality manufacturing and delivering an immaculate end-product for the customer.

Premier’s certified lab carries out rigorous controls on all stages of design, development and production insuring the final products uphold all the requirements internationally of the ECE 22.05 standard. Every element is made in Italy, with the the full spectrum of production controlled and managed internally by the Madeo family; whose strong focus and passion is synonymous with their trust and reliability.   

The range includes models designed specifically for different uses, catering to riders of all styles. Made to be light, comfortable and super-ventilated, they are highly regarded by everyday riders and seasoned professionals alike.  

Premier are industry trailblazers with a rich history of acclaim, from street cred to stunt cred. They have been producing helmets for generations for many national post services, such as La Poste in France, and various fire brigades around the world.  Premier was also the helmet of choice for the first ever stunt woman, Debbie Lawler (aka, The Flying Angel) and track legends Troy Bayliss and Phil Read. 

flying angel.jpg

Worn by industry trailblazers

The Flying Angel - Debbie Lawler, the world's first motorcycle stuntwoman

Phil 5.jpg

racing legend Phil Read wearing his famous Premier 'Trophy' helmet in 1974

Phil 2.jpg



Maximum protection and safety are the first requirement of all Premier helmets, this is the concept on which the entire development of all Premier helmet production is based: a concept that is put before any other aesthetic, technical or economical consideration, as well as in the development or production of the helmet.

Once the new models are certified ECE 22.05, the series production begins and the internal laboratory completes all checks on the materials, product and production, putting the samples through rigorous destructive tests. In the laboratory continuous tests are held and conducted with the most sophisticated machines that modern technology offers in order to check every single component of the product to ensure absolute quality.

The materials used in production are always of the highest standard and feature cutting edge technology such as: carbon, dyneema, vectran, epoxy resins for the external shells; Lexan for the moulding of the visors and components; technical anti-allergic fabrics for the internal pads.

Research, production and constant quality checks are our warranty for the safety and long lasting performance of our helmets.





The concept of quality is reflected in the application of the ISO quality system to every aspect and dynamic of the company, allowing it to constantly progress and grow in the “continuous improvement” point of view, which is the base of every quality system.

Inside the production department the certificated laboratory checks all the project developments of the prototypes on every single component (shells, fabrics, visors, chin straps and accessories), that will be defined and tested both statically and dynamically, in order to obtain the ECE 22.05 certificate to make sure they are of the highest legal safety standard.

Every Premier helmet is the culmination of all these elements, always guaranteeing the highest quality standard before the series production will be started, during which are also scheduled many periodical checks, meeting all the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2008.

After many studies and tests made during our 50 years of experience and collaboration with the most important European laboratories, we can affirm that there’s no rule that can work for every model. Every single helmet, based on its structure and conformation, must be developed considering its physical and technical characteristics. This is the reason why we invest so much time and effort in research and development, especially when it comes to developing innovative materials such as the new TVC TITANIUM-VECTRAN-CARBON, to make sure it has the right mix of rigidity and flexibility of the shell, which makes the quality of the shell. That’s why Premier makes its helmets with various densities, in order to guarantee the right shock absorption in every point of the shell.




Premier uses mainly tri-composite fiber products throughout the range but we know very well that the use of only precious material is not enough to obtain a good shell; for this reason several tests and continuous research has gone into developing exclusive new fabrics that Premier use to make their shells. The most advanced out of all the fabrics is “TVC”: a mix of Titanium, Vectran and Carbon which warranties a high security standard and an exceptional lightness.

The inner shell is an essential part to assure the security and fitting of the helmet, this is moulded in EPS and can be produced with varying thickness. The shells produced by Premier can also be made of a single density or even double density in certain areas that need extra support. The internal shell design is continuously checked and updated by the R&D department to assure the maximum comfort for the user always assuring the highest energy absorption during impacts.

The helmets utilise air vents to insure the correct circulation of air in order to guarantee a comfortable temperature inside the helmet. Once the air enters into the helmet via the vents it’s then spread throughout the shell thanks to small channels in the inner shell that distribute it evenly.

The use of extremely technologic fabrics and materials is what makes the production of Premier inner linings special. The fabrics are accurately selected so that they can guarantee a very high humidity absorption, resist for a long time and maintain the same comfort through the time. Premier fabrics are all made with a special antibacterial and anti-allergic treatment.

Premier’s visors are injection moulded in Lexan, a high quality material that guarantees a very high rating of UV protection. Our visors are produced with a special anti-scratch treatment that gives the visors a stronger more resistant protective layer. Most of our helmets also have the Pinlock anti-fog system that reduces the risk of your vision being impaired due to fog inside the helmet.

The chin strap system is a very important safety element, it has the fundamental task to guarantee that the helmet will remain correctly placed on the head in the case of a crash. Severe and continuous testing is undertaken on every single part that of the chin strap to ensure the straps ability to hold and remain fastened. The fabric, locking systems and the bracket are all put through strenuous test in order to insure a high standard of quality and safety.